Whether it is being upgraded or repaired, your conrad-johnson component will be serviced by a highly-experienced technician. Most of our technicians have more than 25 years experience in the industry and all have been with conrad-johnson for at least 7 years (the most senior has been with us for more than 20 years). If we made it, they’ve seen it. And you know that the parts installed, so critical to sound quality, are either exact replacements or upgraded parts selected by our design team. Factory service gives you peace of mind knowing that your product has been maintained to preserve the original design intent.
Upgrade, Restore, Renew Your Conrad-Johnson Preamps and Amps

Have an earlier conrad-johnson amplifier or preamplifier? We can help keep that cherished element of your audio system performing to your musical expectations. Check with us for tube sets and repairs to bring that older component back to life. Want to extract the ultimate performance from the circuits? Check out our Capacitor Upgrades and Model Upgrades. And renew the luster with a new front panel.

Model Upgrades
model upgrades

For pricing and availability on any of these services and parts, please contact our service department:


So that we may better assist you, please let us know the country you are located in when contacting our service department.

C1 Capacitor Upgrades
tube sets
Tube Sets
Of course, tube models require periodic tube replacement. To maintain optimal sonic performance, we recommend replacement of voltage gain tubes (all preamp tubes and the smaller tubes in amplifiers) after approximately 1500 hours of use, and output tubes after about 3000 hours. We offer complete replacement tube sets for all conrad-johnnson models. The brands of tubes we supply have been chosen by first selecting those brands which are known to be most reliable, then by extensive auditioning of these acceptable brands with the final choices being made solely on the basis of sonic performance. We know of no vacuum tubes commonly available which will improve the sonic performance of your conrad-johnson component.

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service renew
Repair - Renew
replacement front panels
Replacement Front Panels
Conrad-Johnson products are built to last, but with many of our products more than twenty years old, and some over thirty, the time may come when they will need a bit of attention. If nothing else, the electrolytic capacitors in those older units will begin to dry out and degrade. We still service all conrad-johnson brand models that we have ever built and can almost always restore performance to new specifications. In fact, for some of the older products, the results are better than new (where possible, we replace electrolytic capacitors with polypropylene for a significant sonic improvement and even greater durability).
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The latest top of the line conrad-johnson models make extensive use of proprietary CJD Teflon* capacitors. We are now pleased to offer capacitor upgrades that install these ultimate capacitors.

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Got an older CJ unit with a dinged front panel? We have a fairly extensive stock of new panels for earlier models. Contact us regarding price and availability. Sorry, but we have no stock of old covers, sides, tops, bottoms, etc.

Have an earlier version of one of conrad-johnson's models? It may be possible to upgrade to the latest version.

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* Teflon is a registered trademark of E.I. duPont deNemours & CO.
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