Conrad-Johnson is pleased to announce the availability of the new conrad-johnson CA150 control amplifier—a power amplifier with level control and source selectors.

A control amplifier is identical in function to an integrated amplifier, but without the additional distortions that would be inherent in a superfluous line-stage.

Like an integrated amplifier, a control amplifier also eliminates the colorations of preamplifier to amplifier interconnect cables. The CA150 combines the circuitry of our popular MF2275 power amplifier with source selector circuits and a Burr-Brown precision level control.

With full remote control of all functions, and 7 line level inputs, including an EPL (tape) loop and Theater loop, the CA150 offers all the flexibility of our separate line-stage preamplifiers. And with rated output of 135 watts/channel, the CA150 has ample power for the majority of speaker systems.