Our current labor rate for non-warranty service performed by conrad-johnson design is $132 per hour, billed in one quarter hour increments.

There is a one hour minimum diagnostic charge on all units sent for service. Customers who request an estimate and decline the repair will be charged this diagnostic charge plus a charge for any needed packing materials and return shipping.

There will be a $12 charge for shop supplies on all repairs.

Tube products must be sent in with the complete set of tubes that are in use so that we can properly assess the working condition of the unit.

Repair of cd players and transports may not be possible due to unavailable parts. Contact our service department before sending these products for service.

We may decline to repair units that have been modified by anyone other than conrad-johnson and units that have suffered damage from physical or electrical abuse if, in our sole judgement, proper repair is not possible or not economically sensible.

Product should be carefully packed in the original packing (available from the factory if you no longer have yours). On Premier Seven/SevenA/SevenB, Evolution 20, Premier Fourteen, Premier Fifteen, Premier Sixteen, ART preamplifier, Premier Nine and disc players and transports, be sure to install and tighten the transport screws.

Complete our service request form, and pack it with the unit.

  • 90 day warranty on repairs
  • Repaired or unrepaired products left on the premises will be discarded after 90 days
  • No refunds for tubes or fuses
  • All complete repairs will be shipped from CJ with a new box and packing at the customer expense
  • Customer is responsible for all shipping fees on repairs, warranty repairs, tubes and fuses

Service Department

conrad-johnson design, inc.
2800K Dorr Ave.
Fairfax, VA 22031

While it is not possible to give a firm estimate in advance, customers should expect that labor (including the one hour minimum charge) will be at least:

4 hours for:

  • Premier One/One B
  • Premier Eight
  • Premier 140
  • ET250
  • Met150
  • Premier 350
  • MF5600
  • Evolution 2000

3 hours for:

  • 3 hours for all other amplifiers

4 hours for:

  • ART
  • ACT2
  • Evolution 20
  • Premier Two
  • Premier Three
  • Premier Seven
  • PV1

3 hours for:

  • all other preamplifiers and digital products