Model Upgrades

Conrad-Johnson factory model upgrades install the same parts and circuits that were incorporated in the latest or upgraded model version. An upgraded unit is electrically the same as the original production model.


We offer the following model upgrades:

  • ACT2 to ACT2 S2 (includes C1 Upgrade)
  • ART to ART Series 3 (includes C1 Upgrade)
  • ART Series 2 to ART Series 3 (includes C1 Upgrade)
  • Premier 16 to Premier 16 S2
  • Premier 17LS to Premier 17LS2 (includes C1 Upgrade)
  • ET3 to ET3SE (includes C1 Upgrade)
  • GAT to GATs2
  • ET7 Series 1 to ET7 Series 2
  • Classic 2 to Classic 2SE
Phono Preamplifiers
  • Premier 15 to Premier 15 Series2
  • TEA2 to TEA2SE (includes C1 Upgrade)
  • Classic Sixty to Classic SixtySE (includes C1 Upgrade)
  • LP66 to LP66 S2
  • LP125M to LP125MSE (inclues C1 Upgrade)
  • MV60 to MV60SE